City of Greater Dandenong

Melbourne's second largest retail and commercial centre

About the City of Greater Dandenong

Only 35 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD, Greater Dandenong is one of the city's most culturally diverse and economically robust areas. It has attracted a steady influx of residents for multiple reasons. Greater Dandenong's 12,500 businesses employ over 80,000, making it a key employment centre in south-east Melbourne. Major industries include manufacturing (metal, foods, beverages), retail and healthcare. The area is served by 23 primary schools, nine secondary schools and one TAFE campus. Car travel times clock in at less than 45 minutes. Covering ten suburbs, Greater Dandenong has three hospitals and several active community groups. It also boasts a buzzing and diverse restaurant scene, plating cuisines of various Asian and European countries, from Afghani wholemeal bread and Polish sausage to British black pudding and Sri Lankan samosas. This is representative of the multiplicity of ethnicity and migrants from over 150 countries, including Vietnam, India, China and Greece. The Dandenong Basketball Stadium hosts two-time Women's National Basketball League (WNBL) champions, the Dandenong Rangers. The area is home to Drum Theatre, a popular and award-winning performing arts space, as well as a number of libraries. Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens offers insights into the area's history and culture.

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